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People Counting 1-Year Subscription (Ultima Go Sensor Included)


There is no competition that can beat the unmatched 99.9% accuracy of V-Count in people counting.  Counting people is more accurate than ever (up to 99.9%) with V-Count's Ultima series sensors. Our cost-effective solution for small and medium businesses, Ultima Go, comes free with 1 year of subscription for the people counting solution. For more details, visit: Ultima Go features page. Package Includes:

  • People Counting 1-year Subscription with 1 Ultima Go Sensor
  • Business Intelligence Platform Access
  • *Lifetime Warranty 
* Warranty is valid as long as the subscription is active.  

Business Intelligence Platform Integration (3 Years People Counting Subscription)


V-Count provides full integration of the Business Intelligence Platform (our online visitor analytics service) into your existing hardware with minimum hassle and at no extra cost. Whatever your current hardware is, we can upgrade your visitor analytics reporting system by using V-Count's user-friendly dashboard to get all the cloud features you might need. Once the integration is complete, you can easily view your traffic data metrics with customizable reports through our Business Intelligence Platform. and gain a full understanding of visitor behavior from the moment they enter to the moment they leave. For more details, visit: BIP Package Includes: 

  • Business Intelligence Platform integration
  • 3-year People Counting subscription

Gender Recognition 3 Years Subscription


The Gender Recognition solution provides you with 95% accuracy in identifying the gender of your visitors.  Analyze your visitors' genders hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly, and enhance their engagement by offering them the right products. Package Includes:

  • Gender Recognition 3-Year Subscription
  • Business Intelligence Platform Access
  • API Integration

Staff Exclusion 3 Years Subscription


The Staff Exclusion solution gives you exact customer numbers and pure conversation rates by excluding staff from total traffic. Your data won’t get polluted and will be precise. Package Includes:

  • Staff Exclusion 3-Years Subscription 
  • 5 Hologram Tags for Staff 
  • Business Intelligence Platform Access
  • API Integration

Onboarding Expert 1-Hour Call


1 Hour Call with your Onboarding Expert to for Ultima sensor installation guidelines and Demo Training of our Business Intelligence Platform.

    Package Includes:
    • Onboarding Expert 1-Hour Call
    *Prices do not include VAT.

    People Counting with Ultima AI

    There is no competition that can beat the unmatched 99.9% accuracy of V-Count in people counting. Ultima AI is PoE sensor. Ultima AI also supports solutions like Zone Analytics and Queue Management. Ultima AI is sold only to corporate clients through our sales consultants. It is not sold online. Please reach us via sales@v-count.com to learn the price and order Ultima AI. For more details, visit: Ultima AI

    If you are a corporate enterprise or if you’d like to be a reseller partner, please reach us for enterprise solutions via sales@v-count.com

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